Brazil: back to the future

An array of problems - economic, social, moral, environmental - is testing the political limits of Brazil's state-society relationship. 

openDemocracy (11/10/2015)

Brazil: the road to 2018

Brazil emerges from the 2014 election with a re-elected president, two problems, and four names in mind.

openDemocracy (29/10/2014)

Brazil election surprise

An unexpected result in the first round leaves the presidential election open. It also hints at Brazil's underlying political dynamics. 

openDemocracy (07/10/2014)

Brazil's vote, Marina Silva's chance

A charismatic environmentalist is now leading Brazil's presidential race. Can she win and create the new politics she promises?

openDemocracy (02/09/2014)

Brazil, protest and the World Cup

A year of social turbulence preceded Brazil's hosting of football's World Cup, with the competition itself a symbolic target of many protests. What do Brazilians think now? Arthur Ituassu, in Rio, reflects.

openDemocracy (13/06/2014)

Brazil, a crisis of representation:

A protest wave in Brazil embodies new ideas of political community that challenge the country's old social practices and centralised structures

openDemocracy (20/06/2013)

Brazil in 2013: A historic adventure

A big year in Brazil marked by huge street protests and a major corruption trial creates new tests for the country's democracy

openDemocracy (27/12/2013)

Between Heaven and Hell

Chavez, the South American left and the crisis of representative democracy

Juncture online,

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